Our Custom Massages


Massage Services are $80/hour, $120/hour and a half, $160/2 hours

Text/Call 971-245-2999 or Book Online. Text or online booking is often best as we may be in a massage session and unable to answer phone calls.


Ashiatsu Bare Foot Massage

If you're in need of deep tissue work, but don’t enjoy the discomfort that comes with pointy elbows and thumbs, then Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy® is the treatment for you! Gravity enables Ashiatsu therapists to deliver up to 3x deeper pressure than with traditional hands-on treatments. Utilizing bodyweight and the foot as a massage tool provides broad, consistent pressure that creates structural change throughout the body. As a result clients will enjoy the same extra range of movement and decrease in chronic tension relief without having to endure painful strokes.   


Swedish and Deep Tissue

The classic, relaxing Swedish massage incorporates long fluid strokes of varying depth and pressure to enhance the body's natural functioning. Helps improves circulation and enhances mental clarity.


Thai Massage

Thai Massage - Facilitates stretching using diverse tools like elbows and feet. Thai massage manipulates soft tissue to support function, performance and the overall well-being. It relieves common aches, restores muscle balance and increases flexibility and range of motion. Massage and stretching may prevent injury and reduce pain and swelling. Client remains clothed (please wear loose fitting clothing)